I spent two days, a few weeks ago, helping my daughter with research for her AP Government class.  She was panicked about her upcoming test and overwhelmed with two papers.  We worked on her papers together.  I studied and got up to speed on the Federalists and what our country went through when it was establishing the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Abbie was petrified she was going to fail her test and kept saying she leaves class and has no idea what the teacher has said.

She called me after her test and got a 96!!!!  Before this exam, she was begging me to let her drop the class.  Her confidence got a much needed boost and she now wants to stay in the class.  

Parent, can you relate to my recent journey?  That was a painful week.  I mean, I’m out of school and thankfully, I don’t have to study for high stakes exams.  However, I knew I had to study to be able to help her.  I created visual study guides and helped organize some information, but she did all of the work.  And it paid off!

Her younger sister, a 6th grader, recently received two awards.  She was recognized as an “Outstanding Student” and as a “Straight A Student.” She commented on how boring her social studies class was and Abbie immediately quipped, “But you are bored because you want to be challenged.  I leave my class and I have no idea what my teacher has just said.  I don’t understand it at all, so I must be stupid!  I just don’t get how school can be so easy for you and so hard for me!”  


Talk about gut wrenching!

Fast forward to finals week. My oldest daughter just completed her first semester at The University of Kentucky and successfully survived her first finals week.  She made all A’s and B’s, which made both her father and me proud. 

Abbie studied for FOUR big tests and FOUR final exams. During the many tests, she sent me screenshots of the school’s grading system, reporting each of her grades as she receives notification.  Remember, we contemplated dropping her AP Government class, thinking it was just too difficult for her, and she went into her final with a 94 in the class.  Her latest text just showed a cumulative GPA of 4.33 for the semester. 

Those were two big wins for the Hudson Household!

I share that to encourage you to listen to your child’s concerns, while still pushing them to be their very best.  I was okay if Abbie needed to drop her AP Government class, but I’m so proud of her for putting in the work and gutting out an A in that class.  She is fierce.  She is determined.  She makes me proud.

Great job Abbie!  Congratulations on your grades this semester.  Doesn’t this accomplishment feel good?  You, my sweet child, are just as bright as your sisters.  Your grades don’t always come as easy as theirs, but I’m pretty sure they taste a little sweeter.