• Empowering Academic Success!

    Empowering Academic Success!

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We pride ourselves on providing the most up-to-date content for our students to learn each course is delivered.

We pride ourselves on providing the most up-to-date content for our students to learn each course is delivered.


Our son Max recently completed the program provided by The Reading Room for dyslexic readers; he started the 3 year program when he was a 1st grader and we watched his ability and attitude toward reading grow steadily throughout the process. Compared to when we began, he's a more competent reader and a much more confident and happy student for having completed this program. We had a wonderful experience with everyone associated with the organization;the car, patience and talent of his tutors, coupled with their ability and willingness to work our complicated school and summer schedules make The Reading Room a special place to this family. We will be forever grateful for this experience and endorse the program to any family experiencing similar issues with their child.
After struggling with my daughters reading for a year, I was connected with The Curious Edge where we received complete testing and a diagnosis of dyslexia. After diagnosis, we started tutoring for reading. My daughter has made tremendous improvements in the past year in school. they set up a plan with clear accommodations for a 504 with our school to meet our specific reading needs. The staff is friendly and very helpful answering all or questions. My child feels comfortable and encouraged by the staff. I would recommend The Curious Edge for any family that has a child struggling with dyslexia.
I feel calmer and more successful in taking tests in school now. My attitude is better and I feel happier and more confident in myself.
I think of the heartbreak we had a few years ago when learning our son had a language processing disorder and everything seemed so overwhelming. No one in the school system could tell us what was wrong. At the age of 16, our son finally started getting the intervention he needed at the reading room. I am so thankful for Kimberly and her staff for diagnosing and treating him. He has made great strides in just 2 years. It's wonderful to see him taste academic success for the first time!!

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